In 2007 the Japanese postal system was privatized but most services have remained the same. Post offices are usually open Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. Central and larger post offices are also open during weekends and sometimes have longer opening hours on weekdays. Below you will find a guide to the range of services offered by the Post Offices in Japan; from parcels to letter, money transfers and checking account.

  • Postal Service Help line:
    Phone: 06-6944-6254 (answered in English)
    Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday
  • General Post Office Information:

Post Office Tips:Edit

  • Domestic stamps cost ¥80, while international stamps costs vary per country. Letters to East Asian countries cost ¥90,North America, Europe, Western Asia and Australia cost ¥110, and Africa and South America cost ¥130. To check your country, see
  • Remember to take your dictionary and JET Diary (the JET Diary has a lot of useful info about the post office, how to address envelopes, etc.). Dealing with post office staff in rural areas can be very taxing if you lack Japanese language ability. It may be a good idea to take a bilingual friend or English teacher with you the first few times. Keep your cool, and be patient.
  • Generally, if you write EXPRESS in red ink in the top left corner of your item it will be sent immediately after reaching the post office (Sokutatsu express).
  • Registered mail handling (Kakitome) is recorded from the time of posting the letter at the post office to delivery of the letter. If lost on the way to the destination you can claim a pre-determined amount of indemnity.
  • For information on shipping larger packages, see Shipping Stuff Home in the Leaving JET section.
  • For information on sending money through the post office, see Sending Money Home in the Okane section.
  • For more information on opening a Postal Account, see Postal Accounts under the Okane section.